Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to wear a mask for dining in?

Public health department mandates that customers wear a protective face covering except when eating and drinking.  Children under 2 and individuals with chronic respiratory conditions are exempt from this requirement.


Do you have masks you can provide customers with?

Black Market Liquor Bar branded masks are available for purchase at $12. 


How do we make a reservation?

You can make a reservation either by phone, email or through our reservation app called Resy.


Do I have to make a reservation/Do you take walk ins?

We are currently ONLY taking reservations for dinner in order to comply with contact tracing recommendations* from the Los Angeles Health Department. You can make a reservation via phone, email or Resy.


* If one of our staff members or guests tests positive for Covid-19, we need to be able to communicate with Health Dept. and guests to inform them of the possible exposure.


How many people can we make a reservation for?

Per the public health department, parties are limited to eight people.


I have a larger party, can we split up between two tables?

Each party would have to make their own reservation and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the tables would be next to each other.


We have 7 adults and two kids; can we make a reservation?

Unfortunately, per the public health department, parties are limited to eight people without exception.


Can I make a reservation for the patio/booth?

We will always do our best to accommodate your seating preferences; however, we cannot guarantee specific tables due to extremely limited seating with the occupancy restrictions and social distancing standards in place.


Are dogs allowed on the patio?

We will always accommodate service dogs inside and outside of the restaurant. However, we recommend that you leave pets at home due to the extremely limited patio seating.


Can we sit at the bar?

Unfortunately, due to the public health department social distancing guidelines, the bar and counter areas of the restaurant are unavailable for service and closed to customers at this time.


Can we just come in for drinks?

Unfortunately, we are currently only accepting dine in reservations. However, we do sell craft cocktails to-go.


Are you open for Brunch?

Yes! We are now open for weekend brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm.


How full will the restaurant be?

Capacity is limited to 50% maximum occupancy to allow sufficient space to social distance between guests & parties. Outdoor waiting areas will also adhere to social distancing standards.


Are non-contact menus available?

Yes. We will provide guests with a QR code for their phone. After scanning, they will be able to view our menu on their device. If guest is unable to use the QR code, or if they prefer a paper menu, they will be provided with a personal copy that will be disposed of after use.


Can I use contactless payments?

Unfortunately, we do not take contactless payments; however, a sanitizing wipe or sanitizer will be made available for when you credit card is returned. Check presenters and pens are sanitized per use.


Will your kitchen staff be wearing gloves?

The kitchen staff has very strict sanitation rules as always and are required to wear face coverings and gloves only when applicable. Gloves are often a false sense of cleanliness and a washed hand is preferred over a gloved hand in most instances. Our staff is required to wash their hands and sanitize their stations every 20 minutes.


Will my server be wearing gloves and a mask?

At this time, our servers are required to wear face coverings and face shields as mandated by the health department and will wear gloves when removing plates and food. The servers will also be required to wash their hands every 20 minutes and will have access to hand sanitizer and wipes at the server stations.


What cleaning precautions are you taking to protect guests?

Every seat and table will be sanitized between every party seating. Place settings (roll-ups, shared plates and glassware) will be set with gloves that are then disposed of. Any high touch areas such as doors or bathrooms will be sanitized every 20 minutes. We have designated to oversee and enforce any additional sanitization and disinfection procedures to ensure that our strict hourly sanitation checklist requirements are being met in both front and back of house­­. In addition, if requested, guests can be provided with disposable flatware set and any condiments can be requested in sealed to-go ramekins. The dining area, bar, kitchen and all common areas are Certified Safe: cleaned, sanitized and disinfected every night.


What precautions are you taking?

We are abiding by all the mandated public health departments rules and recommendations by implementing:

  • Socially distanced tables (8ft apart)

  • Minimum contact with servers and hosts

  • Regularly sanitized tables and work stations

  • Sanitizer stations available for guests and staff

  • Contactless options when possible

  • The ability to contact trace if we are informed by a guest or staff member of a positive COVID test result.

  • Face coverings and face shields are to be worn by all front of house members in direct contact with the guest. Face coverings are required for all kitchen staff members. Gloves will be worn where applicable.

  • Hourly sanitation checks for front and back of house

  • All staff required to wash hands every 20 minutes

  • Restrooms & high touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized every 20 minutes.


I know you provide shared plates, is there a way to get the dishes split?

The Public Health Department currently has not issued a warning regarding our dining style and therefore has not changed.  There have been no known cases of COVID-19 being transferred through food. That being said, although we do not provide individual plating, we will provide a serving spoon with every dish.


How will we be served under Covid-19 regulations?

When possible, each party will have one server that will provide service from start to finish to eliminate the number of team members approaching the table. Employee interactions with guests will be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes per occurrence.


Can I still order food to go?

Yes, Delivery and To-Go options are still available and encouraged. We are offering curbside to-go and contactless service upon request. To pick-up or place an in-person To-Go order, please see one of our hosts upon arrival.

Can we book a reservation for the Private Dining Room?

Unfortunately, our private dining room is unavailable at this time.


Will Valet be available / How will Valet be operating?

Yes. Valet will be operating for dinner service.  They have put in place strict measures to maximize your safety.  All valet attendants will be wearing a fresh pair of gloves with each vehicle transaction. In addition, they will have face coverings and offer seat coverings (per request) and provide hand sanitizer.  They will also be accepting Credit Cards: VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX to minimize cash handling.

For all other questions and concerns, please contact us directly at info@blackmarketliquorbar.com.

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