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Available from 11am - 3pm daily

Charred Brussels Sprouts  - $12

almond, grape and pecorino romano 

Fried Cauliflower - $13

parmigiano reggiano, lemon aioli

Crispy Spring Rolls - $15

shiitake, cabbage, Thai basil, cilantro, nuoc mama sauce

Deviled Quail Eggs - $8

ahi tuna, dill

Hummus - $16

caponata, soft egg, chili oil, confit garlic, crudité

Spicy Korean Chicken Wings - $17

cucumber kimchi, cilantro, mint

Butter Lettuce -  $13

farro, cucumber, red onion, marinated olives, cotija, tomato, cilantro, cotija

Add Chicken $6, Add Steak $11, Add Shrimp $9


Smoked Trout - $19.50

ciabatta, shallot aioli, pickled baby veg, arugula and quail egg

BLTA  -  $12

bacon, butter lettuce, mayo, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, pullman bread

Crispy Chicken Sandwich - $14

Mary's chicken, chipotle aioli, slaw, pickles, brioche

Brisket Burger - $15

caramelized onions, arugula, confit tomato, american cheese, brioche

Honey Gem Caesar - $12

garlic croutons, parmesan

Add Chicken $6, Add Steak $11, Add Shrimp $9

Dill Chips - $8

sea salt, malt vinegar aioli

French Fries - $5

sea salt, parsley

Deep Fried Fluffernutter - $14

peanut butter, marshmallow, fresh banana

Sticky Toffee Pudding - $11

fresh cream

*Menu and pricing subject to change. Based on availability.*


Red Hot & Bothered, 16oz - $19

jalapeño infused vodka, strawberry, blood orange, agave, ginger beer


Vamanos Rapido, 16oz - $19

tequila, lime, cucumber, salt


Gold Rush, 16oz - $19

bourbon, lemon, honey


Old Cuban, 16oz - $19

aged rum, lime, mint, champagne, angostura bitters


Fade to Black, 8oz - $15

Jim Beam Black, canne syrup, walnut bitters

Penicillin, 16oz - $19

scotch, lemon, honey, ginger, islay scotch

East Side, 16oz - $19

gin, lime, mint, cucumber

Big Red Sangria, 16oz - $19

red wine, whiskey, tequila, lemon lime, guava, blood orange, cinnamon, vanilla 

Menu and pricing subject to change.

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